ToxPDX missing, Error 53, or Error 5

Overview #

Beginning on September 14, 2023, our team started receiving feedback that the Micromedex Search is not working. This issue manifests itself in multiple ways including but not limited to:

  • Run-time error 53 File Not Found Message
  • Secure Endpoint Quarantine Message
  • Cisco AMP antivirus program is quarantining the ToxPDX.exe
  • Run-time error 5 Invalid Procedure call or argument
    • This error can present for a number of different reasons.
    • In this instance the file was not quarantined but all rights were restricted for the user.

Additional client updates on September 19th, 2023 started to include ToxicallConvertNotes.exe.

Summary of Problem #

This problem is the result of Antivirus/Malware software flagging the toxiCALL® files as suspicious and either quarantining (removing) the file(s) or revoking all rights to execute the file.

The toxiCALL® application does not receive automatic updates thus this is not something within our control. The current version of toxiCALL® has been running without issue until this new problem was introduced externally. It is not believed that the files have problems but that the Antivirus/Malware companies have a new signature or algorithm which is flagging our files.

Solution #

Please reach out to your security team to ensure the toxiCALL® application folders are not blocking access to these files. Implementation of these files are on your system and cannot be updated by our team.

We suggest ensuring Antivirus/Malware software does not flag the following application folders:

  • toxiCALL®
  • toxiCALL® AutoUpload
  • toxiCALL® Convert Notes
  • toxiCALL® Data Analysis

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