(revised) Quick Case Mode in toxiCALL® 4

Quick Case mode allows you to quickly view cases in a split screen view with a list of cases and a single case detail window. Using Quick Case Mode opens a case for edit with a single click. This way you can quickly move between cases.

This feature is often useful when performing QA on many cases.

Some users have inadvertently entered the Quick Case mode and don’t realize how it has been entered. The details below will help users determine how to get back to a standard Case List mode.

Enable Quick Case Mode #

To enable Quick Case Mode, simply click the Quick Case button in the toolbar. This will expand showing the Quick Case Mode option.

Quick Case Option

Simply select Quick Case Mode and the search window will change as shown below. You will notice the large gray area, where a case will show, once clicked.

You will no longer be able to maximize the search window or cases. This is a clear indication you are in Quick Case Mode.

Disable Quick Case Mode #

To disable Quick Case Mode, simply click on the Quick Case Mode button. This time you will see the option is to select Search Mode. Just press Search Mode and toxiCALL® will return to the standard Search Mode features.

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