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toxiCALL® has been a leader in poison center data capture, and analysis for over 20 years!





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Our Approach

We offer a robust solution to data capture, validation, analysis, and sharing. This approach eliminates your needs for development teams while offering you a highly configurable approach, with the assistance of our support team. Our tools can meet most of your needs without enhancement but still offers flexibility to enhance data capture and reporting capabilities without the need for software updates.

Development Approach
Our unique problem-based-solution approach has allowed us to develop highly configurable solutions meeting the growing needs of poison control centers world wide..

New Redesign
Our new development effort is a complete re-write of our tools and data collection methodology. This new approach further expands our flexible design and approach to minimize costs for poison centers by allowing a configurable solution to meet growing needs..

Extending Capabilities
The introduction of toxiWEB™ brings in a new data capture platform better serving remote user needs.

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