Download Subscriptions and Report Issues

Overview #

This section will describe how you can receive email notifications when a new toxiCALL® release is made available. You will also learn how you can provide feedback through the release builder, which are specific to that release.

Watch the Release for Updates

Subscribe for Version Updates #

We are currently using the GitHub platform for release distribution. This platform should provide a faster download process while offering a feedback system as well. Please note that you can access our downloads page without creating an account.

In order to receive notifications, you will need to create a free user account in GitHub. Once the account is complete you can view the Release Downloads page, linked below.

Confirm you are looking at our release depository, as shown on the left side:

Next, locate the watch button to the right of the repository name:

Click on the down arrow and select “All Activity”.

This will subscribe you for updates on activity and send an email notification if a new release is made available.

The Watch button will change to “Unwatch” if you would like to disable the notifications.

Report Issues with a release #

GitHub allows users to report issues specific to a release. CAS is enabling this option to see if it is beneficial to our team and clients for feedback. Just click on the issues Tab and you can review existing issues, their status, and submit issues you identify.

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