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For over 25 years, CAS has been dedicated to the poison center’s needs, exclusively focusing on toxiCALL® and supporting products. toxiCALL® 5 is a complete redevelopment effort re-inventing features that make toxiCALL® the best solution for poison center needs. toxiCALL® 5 expands on the functionality needs, ensuring that new data collection, reporting, and analysis needs can be achieved easily and swiftly! toxiCALL® is provided as a per-site subscription model that includes support. Our all-inclusive model presents our clients with a predictable and affordable budget. There is never a cost concern when adding a new specialist or calling with questions!

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We are thrilled to unveil the latest advancement in poison center technology: toxiCALL® 5. Building upon the legacy of toxiCALL® 4, this new release represents a significant leap forward in flexibility, usability, and innovation. With toxiCALL® 5, we introduce many exciting new features designed to empower poison control centers like never before.

With toxiCALL® 5, we are creating a new platform for innovation. Whether you need custom reports, additional data collection fields, or support for unique requirements, our dedicated support team is here to assist every step of the way. We believe that toxiCALL® 5 represents the future of poison center technology, and we’re committed to continuing our development efforts to bring even more features and functionality for your future needs!
Flexible Data Capture: Capture new data columns, extend data selection options, like gender or Clinical Effects, and even create additional data forms!

Flexible Entry Layout: Customize your case entry layout to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficient data entry and management of patient exposures.

Web-Based Interface: Access toxiCALL® data from anywhere with our optional web-based interface. toxiWEB® provides flexibility and convenience for remote users.

Flexible Report Design: Tailor reports to your exact specifications, ensuring you have the insights you need at your fingertips.

Effortless Updates: Stay current with the latest enhancements effortlessly. Our new FLEX Updates™ feature allows for easy distribution of updates to reports, dashboards, validation rules, lookup values, and more.

Enhanced Data Grid Design: Experience improved flexibility and usability with our redesigned data grid.

User-Friendly Search Filter Builder: Simplify complex searches with our intuitive search filter builder, allowing you to save and apply search filters as needed.

Support: toxiCALL® 5 will continue our excellent support services which are included with your subscription. This includes unlimited email, telephone, and screen share support. No need to worry about hidden costs. 

Enhancements: Need changes or unique functionality? toxiCALL® 5 offers a significant level of flexibility that can be implemented without the need for a development team. In most cases, our toxiCALL® team has implemented functionality requests without the need for additional funding. Our subscription model allows toxiCALL® growth to meet your changing needs without impacting your budget!

AI: Artificial Intelligence is the center of many news stories. With toxiCALL® 5, we are evaluating practical uses without violating HIPAA concerns for training. While it is a tricky subject, we focus on rich functionality rather than gimmicky functionality.