AutoUpload Validation Error 4210

Symptom #

AutoUpload stops working and presents the error “The Validation Process encountered an error. (4210) or shows the error in the status log.

Why does this happen? #

The toxiCALL® license is likely in emergency mode. This can be verified from the license screen within toxiCALL®.

The validation error can result in toxiCALL® 4 for two different reasons.

  1. The license grace period is within 5-days of expiration. The can be resolved by reaching out to support and requesting a license extension.
  2. The toxiCALL® database has been moved to an unexpected server.
    • This can be the result of a SQL Server running in a High Availability (HG) mode on a SQL Cluster. While this provides a better fail-safe environment for your database, this requires a license refresh.
    • This can also be the result of a SQL Server upgrade where the database has been moved to a different server.

Solution #

In order to resolve the license issue, you will first need to request, then apply, a refreshed license from our support team.

After the new license has been applied, please confirm the status no longer shows emergency mode.

Next, you will need to restart the AutoUpload Service.

After the AutoUpload service has been restarted, The AutoUpload viewer should show the process of submitting and acknowledging cases continues properly.

For additional questions please reach out to our support team.

Future Plans #

We understand the importance of ensuring your SQL Database is always available. With the toxiCALL® 5 redesign, we are working to ensure the license can support multiple failover servers. This will require testing at our client poison centers. We look forward to making this a better experience in the new version!

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