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This page will provide a quick overview of the process to upgrade your SQL Server and aid in moving to a new SQL Server. Some documentation exists in our previous documentation format so links will be provided for those references.

We have two sections in our documentation which may be helpful to your team. Please note the screenshots are from older versions of SQL Server however, the concepts still apply today.

SQL Server Upgrade Guide

SQL Server 2005 or Later Setup Guide

toxiCALL® Support has not identified problems or received report issues on SQL 2019 and 2022. We encourage all clients to test and implement in your environment to ensure no unknown issues are introduced.

Summary of steps: #

  1. Backup then restore the existing SQL Database(s) including:
    • ToxiNet (Network)
    • ToxiNetUser (user db)
    • Any archives
  2. Update the toxiCALL® configuration on each workstation through the configuration menu or toxicall.ini file.
  3. Update the archive locations in the toxiCALL® User System Tables:
    • This only needs to be performed one time after the new server with database is setup properly.
    • Close all search and case windows
    • Select ToolsàSystem TablesàUser System TablesàDatabase Configuration
    • View and make changes to the archives as needed.

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