Error Value Of 0 Is Not Valid For Value

When performing a product lookup in Micromedex® from toxiCALL® 4 some specialists are getting an “Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application” and goes on to indicate: Value of ‘0’ is not valid for ‘Value’ as shown in the following screenshot:

This problem can be corrected when you delete the “userconfig.json” file in the ToxPDX Temp folder. This file will automatically be re-created the when a new search is initiated.

In order to delete the userconfig.json file, start toxiCALL® 4 using an account with Supervisor Rights. Then select Tools->Configuration->More button->ToxPDX Config. You should then see the following screen:

You can then click on the folder icon next to the Save Location to open the folder which contains the configuration file, as shown below:

Removal of the configuration file should correct the problem. While a restart of toxiCALL® 4 should not be necessary, you may try this if the problem is not resolved.


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