Work Local Only Mode in toxiCALL® 4

Work Local Only mode is used when performing upgrades to SQL Server and in some instances for toxiCALL® 4 upgrades. It can also be used during scheduled SQL Sever maintenance.

Enable Work Local Only Mode #

  1. Request specialists download any cases they wish to manage in toxiCALL® 4 during the SQL downtime to their local database.
    • Advise specialists that the Network Database will not be available until their workstation has been upgraded.
    • Specialists should not click on the link to attempt to re-connect to the network database.
  2. Have all specialists enter “Work Local Only” mode.
    • Close all case windows, then close the search window.
    • Open the search window by clicking on the local database icon.
    • Select “File” > “Database” > “Work Local Only…
  3. Shutdown any Batch Queue processes running in the poison center.
    • NOTE: The latest version of ToxAutoUpload service, if installed, may continue to run.
  4. Request your local Database Administrator (DBA) perform a “Full” backup of the toxiCALL® 4 production databases.“ToxiNet” and “ToxiNetUser” (Adjust these names to match your database names)
  5. The maintenance or scheduled work can now proceed.

Exit Work Local Only Mode #

After the SQL Server is back online again, users can click the icon on the toolbar. This will check to confirm the network is available. When the network is available, the network will return to the standard network image indicating the network database is now available.

You can now upload the cases on your local database and continue to use toxiCALL® 4 normally.

If you are performing an upgrade to toxiCALL® 4, please refer to the upgrade notes to see if additional steps are required to update your local database prior to uploading cases.

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