Creating an Archive Database in toxiCALL® 4

Overview #

Many poison centers choose to archive their poison center cases annually. toxiCALL® supports the creation of separate archive database then allowing cases to be moved to the archive database. Additionally, it may be helpful to create an archive database containing cases for a specific study. This makes it faster, and easier, to analyze and report on that database, without the need to use the specific criteria for the study.

There are several steps required to create an archive database. These steps are detailed in the toxiCALL® 4 help system. This page will document the steps with links to the details in the original help documentation.

Steps to Create an Archive Database #

  1. Create the Archive Database
  2. Configure an Archive Database within TOXCALL® 4
  3. Check for Structure Updates
  4. Copy System Tables
    • This step should be performed when the database is created and after system tables are updated, like adding new SPIs to toxiCALL®
  5. Moving or Copying Cases to an Archive Database
    • When moving cases, cases must be closed. It will also be important to ensure the case has been submitted to NPDS.
    • When copying cases, the case will remain on the source (network) database. Copying is typically performed when creating a separate copy of the cases, such as a study.

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