Migration User Name Parsing

The User Name Parsing allows you to view how the SPIList user names will be migrated into the new toxiCALL® 5 database.

The user list will be grouped into Active and Inactive as can be seen with the “Inactive: False” designation below which will show Active users.

Changing the radio button will allow you to view different name parsing options.

IMPORTANT: User/Employee Names
If the user names are not entered into the SPIList consistently, it may be necessary to adjust the names after migration. Adjusting the names before migration will cause problems with the automatic notes redaction which occurs during migration.

Suggestion: User ID
Please set the toxiCALL® Login ID to the preferred login name that will be used in toxiCALL® 5 BEFORE performing the migration. The User ID is not easily changed after migration. By properly setting this name, it will make the migration and transition easier.

User Login for toxiCALL® 5 requires a User ID. The User ID will be automatically migrated from the toxiCALL® 4 Login ID, if entered. If no Login ID is entered then a User ID will be generated based on the user name. In order to log into toxiCALL® 5, the exact User ID must be used. Many users will find it helpful to use the same Login ID they use for their Windows login.

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