Migration Additional Options

Additional Options #

The wording of these options are being updated for clarity and functionality

Please note that each option description changes based on the selection. The description shown reflects the current selection of the slider option.

Additional Migration Options

Change User Rights #

Confirm if the toxiCALL® user rights will be migrated.

Employee Data #

Allow employee data to be created only, or updated if the data were changed and need to be migrated again.

Calculate Estimated Exposure #

The Estimated Time of Exposure can be calculated when the Exposure Time is entered as something like “15 minutes ago.” This calculation will be calculated as 15-minutes prior to the the start time on the case.

The advantage of using this feature is that you will be able to search for exposures within specific time ranges. toxiCALL® 5 will automatically perform this calculation for new cases.

Redact Personal Data #

Choose if you wish to perform the notes redaction. This is highly recommended because note redaction will be stored in a special redacted notes section and does not effect the original note.

Do not change the user names prior to performing migration. Name changes will reduce the effectiveness of the name redaction from the case notes. toxiCALL® 5 will no longer embed the timestamp into the note, eliminating this redaction problem.

This redaction will also try to remove patient and caller name information from the notes but the note is not considered fully redacted. toxiCALL® 5 has a new redaction feature built into toxiCALL® allowing manual redaction of other information as needed.

Redact Notes Method #

The migration offers two methods of redacting the notes. The XXXXXX method is the most comprehensive note redaction method and less likely to fail.

Migrate the ToxDelta table #

It is highly recommended that the ToxDelta table is migrated. This information will be incorporated into the new case Audit Trail functionality.

Password Reset & Migration #

Passwords can be set randomly or migrated from toxiCALL® 4. You also have the option to generate new passwords during the migration.

Turning off the first option will cause new passwords to be generated for all users. A password log file will be created at the specified file location.

Turning on the top option will allow the employee passwords to be migrated. The second option, in this instance, will ensure the migrated passwords meet the password rules. If not, characters will be appended to meet the new rules and will be logged in the password log file.


Setting both options to true will allow all existing toxiCALL® 4 passwords to be migrated, even if they do not meet the password requirements. This makes it easier for users to switch to the new system. toxiCALL® will require the user to change their password upon first login.

Password Rules:
Minimum 8 characters with 1 upper, 1 lower, and 1 number required. A future build will allow poison centers to establish password rules for your center, including the requirement of special characters. Defect #1517

Password Log File Directory #

When passwords are generated by toxiCALL® a log file will be generated.

While in toxiCALL® you will be able to reset the password and email the new password to users when their email address is added to toxiCALL®.

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