Migration Case Selection

Case Numbers #

The Case Numbers filter is designed to allow a variety of case selections for testing. The goal here is to pull All cases, a select range or list of cases, or even choose a randomized set.

Prior to switching to toxiCALL® 5, we require all clients to perform migration testing to ensure your data is migrated as expected. Our support team will work with you on your migrated data. We are very interested in feedback of SPIList accounts and data captured in a non-confirming way. E.g. Date of Birth (DOB), Medical Record Number (EMR/MRN), etc. Our goal is to try and update the migration routine to allow the proper migration of these data.

All Cases #

Migrate all cases without any filters on case numbers. All case numbers will be migrated by default.

Migrate all case numbers

Range #

Migrate a specific range of case numbers.

List #

Enter a comma separated list of case numbers to be migrated from the list of case numbers.

X Random #

Migrate a random number of cases across the entire source database. This allows a random sampling across all cases for testing.

X Random Per Month #

Migrate a random number of cases across all available months. This allows a random sampling across each time period for a good distribution of case samples during testing.

Date Range #

The Date Range filter allows you to choose a specific timeframe from which to migrate cases. This can be helpful during testing or migrating data in smaller subsections.

By default, the entire date range is selected.

Case Status #

Choose which case status types are migrated using the Case Status filter. Generally we recommend migrating All Case Status types.

Center Code #

If your database contains data from multiple poison centers, you can limit which poison center data you wish to migrate using the Center Code filter.

Year Code #

The Year Code filter allows you to choose specific years to migrate.

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