Manually Import/Export Validation Rules and Search Filters

Overview #

The import/export process works for a number of sharable data elements including:

  • Case Validation Rules
  • Saved Search Filters

Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards and Reports can also be manually exported. Please click here for details on that process.

Import Search Filters #

This process is similar to the Import Case Validation Rules. However, it appears to have been imported using the FLEX Updates™ so a manual import is not required at this time.

Search filters can be exported and distributed manually to other poison centers. This functionality will be helpful when performing a study on cases meeting specific search criteria. Filters can be designed and distributed independently of the toxiCALL® filters.

Import Case Validation Rules #

In the left toxiCALL® panel, select Custom Rule Validation after expanding the Configuration section.

From the Home Menu, select Import Rules.

Next, choose the file and click Open.

You will now see the new rules loaded in the display.

The custom rules are now available for use with your case data.

In the future, the Case Custom Rules will be distributed through FLEX Updates™. Any rules you create will be maintained.

Inactive Rules

In toxiCALL® v5.0.8623 the Import routine does not properly handle inactive rules. As a result, you will need to manually inactivate these rules.

Simple open the rule, select inactive, click Save and the rule is now inactive. You can also filter the rule name by the word “inactive” and use the arrow keys to step through the different rules.

Remove the Grouping

It may be helpful to remove the grouping view to better see the validation rules.

Simply right-click on each of the group headers and select Ungroup.

Now the group headers will be in the column headers. Perform the same steps by right-clicking on the column header and select Hide this column.

This grouping will likely be removed by default in a future release.

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