FLEX Updates™ (System Tables)

This section will walk you through updating the system tables in toxiCALL®. This important process will ensure you have the latest details available from our FLEX Updates™ distribution server.

The Toxicall Tools Menu shows the options to check for system tables. The two methods available are described below.

Update From Web #

These feature is not yet enabled.

Update from Files #

When updating the system tables from a file, you will need to ensure you have the file provided by CAS Support. Please reach out to our team if you do not already have this file ending with a “toxupdate” extension.

To proceed, select Check System Tables From File. Locate and select the file on your computer then choose open.

After selecting the file, then choose the Update All button. This will start the import process.

Known Issue

It will be necessary to update the system tables twice in version 5.0.8623 or earlier.

Single File Update

It is possible to select one or more files if needed. This should be done at the direction of toxiCALL® Support. In this case you will select the necessary file(s) then choose OK.

Once the Summary screen is shown be sure to hit the Save button. Rollback will undo the system table updates.

Now perform these steps a second time to resolve a known issue in v5.0.8623 and earlier.

System Tables should now be updated!

For a new database you can proceed with importing Validation Rules and other data samples which are not yet available through the FLEX Updates.

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