Website Introduction

Overview #

This toxiCALL® Demo website will offer a new communication method for our ongoing toxiCALL® development efforts.

On this site we will post status details on the updates available, Webinar information, anticipated system architecture, and other details as we continue the new toxiCALL® development efforts.

In order to maintain a secure site, we require a login to download files. Please see the usage section below for additional details.

Usage #

The toxiCALL® Demo database is made available through both the Windows download application as well as the toxiWEB® version. They both use the same user login information and connect to the same database.

Access to the demo database must be requested.

Download Updates #

Please note a login account to this website must be created in order to perform downloads.

Click here for the latest updates and release information.

Hosting #

The toxiCALL® demo database is hosted in the cloud using Microsoft SQL Azure. We have also setup an Internet Information Services (IIS) Server which hosts toxiWEB®. This is is a demo version only, we have minimal parameters setup on our servers so performance should not be a consideration while using this demo.

toxiWEB® Demo #

This early demo of toxWEB™ shares the same dataset as toxiCALL®. The demo is provided to allow you to see a sample layout and very simple case entry. There are no validations, case locking, or other advanced features at this time. Case entry is very simple and has not yet been optimized in any way. Access is provided only as a starting proof of concept which will receive additional updates after the toxiCALL® Windows version case entry has been approved.

Click here to view the toxiWEB® Demo Website

Request Software Login Account #

This download requires authorization and acceptance of our standard license agreement. This is a pre-release version provided only for feedback to our development team. The new version is still under development.

Every user will require their own login account created by the CAS team. User account sharing is not allowed. This will help us receive proper feedback as well as troubleshooting.

See FAQ if you are unable to connect to the Demo database.

Click here to complete the demo access request form
* A Demo Login account is required for all users, account sharing is not allowed. This is different from a download account for this site.


Connection Failed Error: #

The demo version will directly connect to our SQL Server demo database hosted in Microsoft Azure. If the error “The connection to the database failed. Please contact your system administrator.” is displayed, your IT team will need to ensure Port 1433 is not blocked and allows MS-SQL-Server Access. It may also be necessary to open IP addresses or the server name connection depending on your firewall rules. Please reach out to support to obtain our database server name. The IP address is not static and is subject to change.

Login Issues #

When logging into the toxiCALL® Windows Application, or toxiWEB®, you will need to remember your username and password. If you receive the following error, you can contact support for assistance in resetting your password.

Invalid Version #

Error messages will be cleaned up in future versions.

The two above messages are examples to show an older version of toxiCALL® is running. Please visit the updates page to download the latest version of toxiCALL®. However, please note that we may be implementing and testing a new version, on the Demo website, before it is made widely available.

Click here to view the latest toxiCALL® updates information.

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