Migration Overview

The toxiCALL® Migration tool is designed to import existing case information into toxicall. The first iteration of this tool will focus on importing data from toxiCALL® 4 but other data sources will be considered in future releases.

We have provided a variety of Case Selection options within the migration tool. This will allow you to migrate a variety of case groupings for evaluation and data verification.

Migration Summary Window #

Upson starting migration, you will choose your existing source database, typically toxiCALL® 4, then the destination database. You will then be presented with a summary screen where you can choose special migration options, and filter which cases to be migrated.

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Migration Summary

The summary window indicates the databases, server, and features selected for the migration. You will also see the total number of cases to be migrated to provide a general time required for the migration. Each of the features and options are detailed in respective sections of this documentation.

The source and destination database must be hosted on the same server. This will significantly reduce the amount of time required to convert the data.

Testing Environment #

Our support team will be working with all poison centers to setup testing environments. The testing environments will be helpful to ensure the migration handles your data properly and all expected data is migrated accurately.

The testing environment will also aid in the functionality evaluation of toxiCALL® to determine when your poison center is ready to upgrade. You will be able to have specialists utilize toxiCALL® in this controlled testing environment to provide feedback on features, defects, and needed functionality. This will also provide a significant starting point for user training.

Testing environments will be critical to ensure the migration will go smoothly, and that your data are migrated properly, prior to going live. During this testing, we will ask for feedback to address special data capture needs, e.g. DOB captured in a unique field, as well as other potential data inconsistencies.

User Configurable Fields (UCF) #

Our goal is to migrate these data fields into the new Survey module. This will require special review as our team needs to ensure all unique usages have been addressed.

What is not migrated? #

Our immediate goal is to ensure all case data captured is migrated. We are evaluating the ability to migrate configured features such as search criteria, required fields, and other details. However, these may need to be recreated. The current list of items not migrated include:

  • Search Criteria
  • Custom Displays
  • Batch Reports
  • User Configurable Requirements (UCR)
  • Application Configurations
  • toxiCALL® Data Analysis
    • Reports
    • Grids
    • Pivot Tables
    • Graphs

If any of the above details are important to your environment, please reach out to our support team so we can provide further evaluation.

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