Demo Database Connection

Overview #

In order to allow clients a quick opportunity to test toxiCALL® functionality, we provide a hosted database in Windows Azure. This will be the default configuration with a new installation. The database can be removed, or left for user testing.

Troubleshooting #

Some users have experienced problems connecting to the demo database. In most instances we have found the database to be blocked by a firewall or other redirection services inhibiting access. The typical error message is shown below. However, this is the same error message if the SQL Server is not available or offline.

Server Name #

In order to troubleshoot the issue, it is important to first determine the name of the database server you are trying to connect. This information is shown on the login screen:

The Server Name will help your IT department run ‘tracert’ or other networking tools to determine where the connection is lost.

Timeout issues may also be the problem, and longer connection timeouts can be added to your own internal connection strings. See the Database Setup for additional details.

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